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Seeking Refuge 2060

Audiobook available to stream below, but for those who can afford it, please purchase at the link above and leave a review. Details for 19th April book launch at bottom of page.

The year is 2060, and two boys in different parts of the world are facing very different problems. Elijah Walker has thrown himself into the VirtuWorld since the accident that changed his life, until one day he is approached by two mysterious men from the British government with an offer he can't refuse. Hakeem Abubakar is a young boy in Northern Nigeria who begins to dream of a world beyond heat and desperation. Seeking refuge is a story of migration, movement, neuroscience, disability and human nature.


There will be a book launch on the 19th April at 6.30pm at SET Galley, 105 The Broadway (West Ealing), London W13 9BE. 

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